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Mickey Premium Bars Now in a Store Near you

That’s right! For Mickey’s 90th Birthday Disney is releasing Mickey Premium Bars to grocery stores across the US for a limited time. There are a few differences between the bars sold in the parks, and the bars sold in the stores. First, they are a little bit smaller than the bars sold in the parks which come in at 4oz while the bars sold in the stores are 3oz. Also the ones sold in the store will be made with skim milk opposed to the whole milk they use in the park, but that just means we can eat more of them! The bars will be sold in boxes of 6 for $7.49 a box, which might seem like a lot, but a single bar sold in the park is $5.75. Seems like a pretty good deal now, so better stock up now before they go away.

Here at Cheers to the Ears have been keeping a close eye out for them at our local grocery store, but we did not find them until we found them in the same grocery store the next town over. So, if at first you do not succeed at finding them, keep trying till you do. We thought they were good, but just not the same as one sold in the park. I am convinced it is the atmosphere though and thought it tasted very good. Well worth $7.49 a box.

Here is our list of stores that will be receiving them so far. (Also, this includes any subsidiaries these stores might have as well.)

  • Publix

  • Crest Foods

  • Kroger

  • Dierberg’s

  • Food 4 Less

  • Ralph’s

  • Harris Teeter

  • Milam’s Markets

  • Wegmans (beginning in the spring!)

  • Target

  • Weis Markets (March arrival expected!)

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