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A Magical Collaboration: Disney Princess American Girl Dolls!

Disney and American Girl fans, get ready to embark on a magical journey as two major powerhouses join forces for an unforgettable collaboration! To celebrate 100 years of Disney, American Girl Doll has released three breathtaking Disney Princess American Girl dolls as part of their exclusive Creator Series.

Each of these enchanting dolls retails at $300 and comes in a special Disney-themed box, and the dolls are adorned with shimmering crystals. But that's not all! Each doll also comes with a certificate of authenticity, adding an extra touch of magic to this limited-edition collection, with only 4,000 of each doll created worldwide.

🌹 Belle: The Adventurous Dreamer 🌹

Belle, with her hazel eyes that open and close and her long wavy brown hair styled in a twisted half bun wrapped in a golden metal tiara, is the epitome of an adventurer. Her 18-inch form is meticulously crafted, featuring a soft cotton body and smooth vinyl movable head and limbs. She dons a stunning gold-colored satin and sparkle-knit gown sprinkled with over 100 Swarovski® crystals that twinkle from the bodice to the skirt. The golden metal bun tiara, embellished with moonlight, scarlet, and golden shadow Swarovski® crystals, complements her regal look. Plus, a pair of golden metal stud earrings with moonlight Swarovski® crystals and glittery gold-colored kitten-heel shoes make her ready for any magical adventure!

🌟 Jasmine: The Compassionate Royal 🌟

Jasmine's compassion toward her kingdom shines through in this exquisite collector doll. Her 18-inch form features mesmerizing brown eyes that open and close, and her long black hair is styled half back in signature twists and a segmented ponytail. She wears a flowy turquoise two-piece set adorned with more than 100 Swarovski® crystals, bringing out the brilliance of her outfit. A glittery, iridescent turquoise headband with three Swarovski® crystals at the center adds an elegant touch, while golden metal hoop earrings and a matching necklace complete her majestic look. Don't miss the gold-colored pointed-toe slippers with Swarovski® crystal embellishments that add a hint of enchantment to her appearance!

🌸 Rapunzel: The Tower Escaper 🌸

Rapunzel, the dreamer determined to experience the world beyond her tower, is brought to life in this captivating collector doll. Her 18-inch form boasts striking blue-green eyes that open and close and long golden-blonde hair styled into a cascading braid adorned with forest florals. She wears a purple satin and pink taffeta gown featuring exquisite floral embroidery, iridescent accents, and crisscross lacing detail on the bodice. With nearly 100 Swarovski® crystals sparkling on her gown, Rapunzel is ready to dazzle. Her golden metal tiara with amethyst and aurora borealis Swarovski® crystals, as well as her earrings and sun necklace, add the perfect finishing touches. And let's not forget the purple satin shoes with golden metal sun charms and Swarovski® crystal centers at the toes, completing her extraordinary ensemble!

🎁 Collector's Delight! 🎁

These mesmerizing Disney Princess dolls are truly collector's delights! With only 4,000 of each doll created worldwide, they are destined to become cherished heirlooms. Whether you're a Disney fan, an American Girl enthusiast, or simply a lover of all things magical, these dolls are a must-have addition to your collection. Don't wait, as they are sure to fly off the shelves in no time!

🛍️ Where to Find Them 🛍️ Ready to add these magical dolls to your collection? Visit the American Girl website now to secure your beloved Belle, Jasmine, or Rapunzel doll before they vanish into the enchanting mist of Disney history. Simply follow this link to enter a world of wonder:

🌟 Hurry, and let the magic begin! 🌟

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